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Car Tour Packages
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About Drivers
¤ Our drivers are all professional and speak english.
¤ They know perfectly the circuits which we offer you and have habit to travel with european customers.
¤ They are friendly and will know how to share with you their culture.
¤ If you did not reserve your rooms before your departure and if you wish it, your driver will be able to offer you
different hotels according to the budget which you will have pointed out. You will make your decision having visited
rooms and proved prices.
¤ We assure you that your driver will accept no commission of their part, what is a currency in India. This is also valid
for shops and restaurants.
¤ Definitely on, you will be able to contact us any time if a problem happened.
¤ At the end of your trip, and if you appreciated your driver, you will be able to give him a tip of the sum of your